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Professional grinder 800g

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Professional grinder is used for quick preparation of large quantities of the composition.


Voltage - 220 V
Tank load - 800g
Power - 1400 W
Material - stainless steel
Maximum tilt angle - 270 °
Control - Mechanical timer
Cover fixing - On locking pins.
Maximum running time - 5min
The volume of the container is 1.5L
Dimensions: 140*105mm (Diameter / Height)
Bowl - not removable.

The kit includes:

Blade wrench (1 pcs.)
Spare blades (2 sets)
Spare graphite brushes and caps (1 set)
Spare shaft seals (6 pcs.)
Cleaning brush (1 pcs.)
Spare timer handle (1 pcs.)
Stainless steel sieve with a diameter of 100mm and a mesh of 1mm.
Manual (1 pcs.)

It is recommended to lubricate the oil seal located under the blades with oil before use.
If it is necessary, the bowl can be removed and rinsed, to do this you need to unscrew the main screw that holds the blades, remove the blades and unscrew the 4 screws that secure the bowl (it usually takes about 5 minutes).

Grinding recommendations:

The main difference between a coffee grinder and a ball mill is the uniformity of grinding and the final fraction after grinding.
When grinding in a coffee grinder, far from the entire composition is grinded correctly, part of the composition sticks to the container and grinds poorly. To achieve uniform grinding, it is necessary to sift the composition after grinding on a sieve of 0.15 mm (100 mesh). The components remaining on the sieve must be ground with the following grinding.

1. NEVER grind oxidants in a mixture with reducing agents in proportions capable of sustaining combustion on their own. Pre-run the test: if the mixture is capable of burning, it must not be ground in a grinder. In this case, the components are crushed separately and then mixed through a sieve with a mesh of 0.15 mm (recommended).

2. It is not advisable to grind metals in their pure form in a coffee grinder, this can lead to their ignition. Metals mixed with other components cannot be crushed.

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