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Shipping Information

Shipping Information:
Worldwide shipping is available.
You can accurately calculate the cost of delivery when placing an order, as well as choose which method will be used to deliver the goods, by land or by air method.

If, when placing an order, you cannot choose a delivery method, then most likely we will temporarily be unable to send the order to your country. In most cases, this is due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Contact us to clarify shipping to your country if you are unable to place an order.

Only paid orders are sent.

Orders are dispatched 3 times a week, after sending you will automatically receive a tracking number for tracking the parcel.

The maximum weight for sending by Post service is 20kg.

Shipping cost for some countries:

Shipping to South America Is working now!
Please note that these are outdated prices, now the price has been increased by about 1.3-1.5 times.









Shipping time (by air)*


11,2 USD

16,8 USD

30,4 USD

36,4 USD

42,3 USD

48,2-72,1 USD

78,1-102 USD

2-3 weeks


11,2 USD

16,8 USD

31,8 USD

35,7 USD

39,6 USD

43,5-59 USD

63-78,6 USD

2-3 weeks


11,2 USD

16,8 USD

25,7 USD

28,8 USD

32 USD

35-47,5 USD

50,6-63,1 USD

2-3 weeks


11,2 USD

16,8 USD

21.6 USD

24,1 USD

26,5 USD

29-38,9 USD

41,4-51,2 USD

2-3 weeks


11,2 USD

16,8 USD

33,9 USD

39,4 USD

45,9 USD

52,4-78,4 USD

84,9-111 USD

3-4 weeks


11,2 USD

16,8 USD

30,4 USD

30,9 USD

33,4 USD

35,8-45,7 USD

48,2-58 USD

2-3 weeks


11,2 USD

16,8 USD

32 USD

37,6 USD

43,2 USD

48,8-71,2 USD

76,7-99 USD

2-3 weeks


11,2 USD

16,8 USD


57,6 USD

68,4 USD

79,1-122 USD

133-176 USD

3-4 weeks

"Post Method (by land)" shipping can take about 1 to 2 months.
The table shows the approximate cost of delivery in the cheapest way, excluding the cost of insurance. You can calculate the exact shipping cost at checkout.
*Shipping times may differ from the approximate due to the number of flights and other factors, the table shows the standard shipping times.

Shipping FAQ
• How can I place an order and calculate the shipping cost to my country?
To place an order and calculate the cost of shipping - you need to add the goods to the basket, then in the "Shipping address" section, indicate which country you need shipping to. At the next point, you can choose which method you need to delivery by air or by land.

• In the "Shipping method" section I can't choose the "Post method", how can I place an order?
If you cannot select the "Shipping Method", just below there is a "Fallback option" in case an error occurs during automatic calculation. As a rule, this is due to a temporary lack of delivery to your country. Due to the pandemic, some countries are temporarily closing the possibility of shipping to their country.
If choose the "Fallback option", we will check the possibility of delivery to your country. And if delivery is available, we will process your order. If the delivery really does not work at the moment, we can postpone your order until the delivery starts working. (Order payment is made upon possibility to send the order to your country)

• I made an order and paid it for but it has not been shipped for several days. How soon will my order be shipped?
We usually ship the order within 1-3 days. Rarely, but there are situations when your order was paid but after a few days delivery to your country became unavailable (now this may happen due to restrictions due to the pandemic). In this case, we immediately notify the customer about the delay in sending the order. As a rule, we expect the availability of delivery and send the order with a delay. (the delay is usually from several days to a month, it all depends on the restrictions on the reception of packages in your country)

If I do not receive my order, will you refund my money?
Unfortunately, we do not participate in the delivery in any way, the post service is engaged in this. Very rarely, but this cannot be ruled out, there are losses of orders during delivery. We insure all orders. If you do not receive your order within 90 days from the date of dispatch, we will refund you the money for the order or send another one again of your choice. 

• How do I know where my package is? Will you send me a tracking number?
After sending the order - we send the track number to the email and you can also see it in your account on our website in the information about your order.
You can track the approximate location your order on the website: 17track.net.

• Is there a problem with customs in my country? Is there any additional tax to pay for customs in my country?
As a rule, small orders are valued in small amounts and you don't need to pay taxes to customs. All countries have their own laws on the import of goods, so we can not know for sure whether you will have to pay taxes to customs. For larger orders, we will usually agree on the declared value with the customer.

• Will there be any information about pyro on the parcel? My country's customs don't like the pyro indication and I am afraid not to receive my order.
The parcels will not contain information about pyrotechnics. Usually there are no difficulties with the passage of such parcels at customs, since there is nothing illegal among our goods for almost all countries.