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PyroСomposition Notebook

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The notebook is used for easy recording of pyrotechnic compositions.
The notebook is specially designed for recording pyrotechnic compositions. All pages of the notebook are numbered, thus writing the composition in the table of contents you can easily find the composition you need. The notebook is easy to carry in your pocket due to its small size.
Size - 75/100mm.
Total number of pages - 50pcs
Number of pages for compositions - 44pcs
Density of pages - 80 g/m^2
Cover density - 220 g/m^2 + 145 g/m^2 laminated plastic.
The cover of the notebook is laminated in plastic.
40 pages contain 8 fields and 4 pages contain 11 fields (for long compositions).
On the reverse lined side of the sheet, you can conveniently write down the features of the composition or other information about this composition.

Instructions for the pyrocomposition notebook:
Step 1
Write the name of the composition in the top
column of the sheet.
Write down the amount of substance in the small
box and the name of the component to the right in
the long box.
Step 2
Write down the name of the composition in the table of contents corresponding to the page number on which you wrote the composition (the table of contents is located immediately after the instructions and contains 3 pages)
Step 3
If you want to specify additional information about the composition, you can write it on the back of the composition sheet.

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