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Payment and ordering

Payment and ordering:

After placing an order - it will be confirmed by the administrator and we will send the data for payment. 
You can pay for the order in the way you choose. Available payment methods:
Western Union.
2) TON Coin payment via Telegram
3) Payment in Сrypto

Western Union. 
This is the easiest and most convenient payment method available in all countries. In most countries, you can make a transfer online or at a Western Union branch (in all countries).  
If you pay online, you need to register on the official website of Western Union
. Then specify the details of the payer and payee, add a card for payment and make the payment. After payment, you will receive a ten-digit Tracking number MTCN, which you need to send to us to receive payment.

If you pay at the Western Union branch. Western Union branches can be found on an online map or on the Internet (almost all cities have at least one branch), usually it is an independent branch or a branch in a bank. You will only need an identity card (passport) and the recipient's details. After successful payment you will receive a receipt with a ten-digit Tracking number MTCN, which you need to send to us to receive payment. 
Western Union usually charges a small commission for payment. The first online payment from the USA without commission, in the future the commission according to the tariffs for your country. If the commission is high, you can create a new account and pay online again for free (for the USA and those countries where the promotion works with the first payment without commission) or you can pay at the branch with a lower commission.

If the currency of your country is Euro, choose this currency when placing an order and pay in the currency of your country.

TON Coin via Telegram. You can see the instructions here.
Payment in СryptoInstructions for registering on a popular crypto exchange (Binance) and transferring money to another crypto wallet.

Please check the commission when paying. Prices for goods are indicated without commission.
If you want to change the order - just contact us, if the order has not been sent yet, then you can change the order or add products.

If, when placing an order, you cannot choose a delivery method, then most likely we will temporarily be unable to send the order to your country. Contact us to clarify shipping to your country if you are unable to place an order.

Only paid orders are sent.