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Payment and ordering

Payment and ordering:

After placing an order - it will be confirmed by the administrator and we will send the data for payment. 
You can pay for the order in the way you choose. Available payment methods:
 ✔   1) Rewolut or Wise
 ✔   2) TON Coin payment via Telegram
 ✔   3) Payment in Сrypto
 ✔   4) Payeer
  5Paypal transfer (5% commission is charged for transfer)
  6) Transfer to a bank account.
  7) Western Union.

Rewolut or Wise - this is the easiest payment method similar to PayPal and is available in almost everything. I work with this payment method through my friend in singapore.

At the moment, crypto payments and Payeer are available.
The easiest payment now is to pay in TON Coin via Telegram. You can see the instructions here.
I was forced to switch to getting paid in crypto. You can read about the reasons for switching to this payment method in this news.
Instructions for registering on a popular crypto exchange (Binance) and transferring money to another crypto wallet.

There is another service for payment - Payeer. It's like PayPal, everything is also simple without complicated registration, it works almost all over the world, but unfortunately it does not work in the US, so if you are from the US, then you can only pay in crypto.

Please check the commission when paying. Prices for goods are indicated without commission.
If you want to change the order - just contact us, if the order has not been sent yet, then you can change the order or add products.

If, when placing an order, you cannot choose a delivery method, then most likely we will temporarily be unable to send the order to your country. In most cases, this is due to restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Contact us to clarify shipping to your country if you are unable to place an order.

Only paid orders are sent.