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Payment in Crypto

Instruction for payment in crypto.
TON Coin payment via Telegram
I was forced to switch to getting paid in crypto. You can read about the reasons for switching to this payment method in this news.

I made a selection of materials on registering on one of the most popular crypto exchanges Binance and paying for orders in crypto. It is not difficult, you need to spend a little time registering once and then you can buy crypto from your bank card and pay for your orders with it. After registering on a crypto exchange, you can use it as a wallet for storing cryptocurrency and also use it for transfers to other crypto wallets, including paying for orders on my website.

The commission for replenishing a cryptocurrency wallet is about 1-2.5%, depending on the method of buying cryptocurrency.

The most popular crypto for payment (convenient to use) are USDT, these are crypto directly related to the USD. You can also use EUR (EURS), but you will have an extra transaction since you cannot buy EUR for fiat.

If you already use crypto and want to pay for an order in BTC, ETH and others - let me know, I send you a crypto wallet number for transferring in a crypto convenient for you and the cost for payment in this crypto.
Crypto exchange binance - does not work in the US. There is a Binance US in the USA, there is a slightly higher commission for replenishment than with binance.
I also made a short article on the kraken crypto exchange, which is popular in the United States.
Instructions for the Kraken crypto exchange

When registering on Binance, you can use my referral link, it will be my pleasure.
Referral ID: 431538416
Official videos and articles from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange:
How to Register on Binance with Mobile Number on a computer
How to Register on Binance App
How to Buy Crypto with Credit/Debit Card
How to Make Internal Transfer on Binance

A selection of educational videos from Internet users:
Video on registration on binance, an example of registration on a computer (0:00-5:20) and a phone (5:20-7:40).

Buying cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card:

Buying cryptocurrencies with a P2P payment:

Transfer of cryptocurrency to another crypto wallet (payment for the order):

If you have any difficulties, you can always contact Binance technical support.
If you have a question about payment - you can ask me. Just contact me.