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Terrible war in Ukraine, problems with payment.

Hello dear customer.
This time I am writing news about very bad events at this difficult time. For more than a month there has been a war in Ukraine, which was started by one crazy person. The consequences for Ukraine, first of all and secondly for the whole world, are enormous. Every day people die who just want to live peacefully, develop, and make their contribution to the development of this world. Ordinary people do not need this war, everyone wants to live as before, but unfortunately for some this life has already ended.

Wars are started by insane rulers who sacrifice the lives of ordinary people for their relationship with each other. This world is very strange, millions of dollars can be spent on the well-being and improvement of people's living conditions, and not on a war from which people die and do not improve their lives. The world is full of problems that need to be solved so that people live better, but unfortunately the crazy rulers spend money not on people, but on the development of the army and other useless expenses. Perhaps someday this world will change, and the rulers will begin to realize that war is pain, blood and death of people, and everything will be decided by a reasonable conversation and not by war.

People who make terrible decisions and propagate them simply do not realize what war is, that is why they continue to lie to people and want to zombie them with lies in order to cause complete submission.

Because of the war, the whole world is faced with problems of various kinds.
The purchase of energy resources, the imposition of sanctions on Russia and other problems of world politics.

Sanctions have been imposed on Russia, various shops and services have suspended work. Unfortunately, the sanctions affect ordinary people who are not to blame for the fact that their country is the aggressor, ordinary people did not make terrible decisions, they lived as usual, but at some point one crazy person made an insane decision. Now the attitude towards the Russian people will be worse than before, but those who do not support the war are not to blame for this.
Insanely ashamed of what the Russian authorities are doing. Every day I want to believe that this crazy war will end and the people who support the war will finally realize that this government has been lying to them all the time, and everything that happened looks terrible.
People understand the problem, going out every day to the squares of their cities, protesting against the war, but unfortunately they cannot stop the war, they are detained by law enforcement agencies and tried for protests.

Since my store is located in Russia, now I can't receive payment to my bank account because Russia is disabled from swift, and paypal and westarn union have suspended work in Russia.
I moved to Argentina , Western Union payments is available again. Video about my moved: https://youtu.be/X0DfzOXa9CA

I am also considering other options for getting paid, but so far crypto seem to be the most reliable way.
I hope that my clients will understand the current situation and start using alternative payment methods, at the moment this is the only option. Perhaps your friends can pay in crypto and you can ask them to pay for your order.
I have prepared a material about the crypto so that you can register on the crypto exchange and continue to pay for orders.
Payment in Crypto
There is another service for payment - Payeer . It's like PayPal, everything is also simple without complicated registration, it works almost all over the world, but unfortunately it does not work in the US, so if you are from the US, then you can only pay in crypto.

Delivery by post service works as before, there may be delays because transportation will be carried out through other countries, since direct flights do not work with many European countries due to the imposed sanctions.

Latest news from the post service:

Denmark has suspended the processing of shipments from Russia and to Russia, so the Russian Post is suspending the acceptance of shipments to Denmark.
Due to the lack of logistics solutions from the Polish Post, the Russian Post suspends the acceptance of shipments from Russia to Poland.

The Russian Post is suspending the acceptance of shipments to Sweden, as the postal operator PostNord has announced the cancellation of postal communications with Russia.

I had a lot of plans for this year, a big update of products, a lot of videos and articles, but unfortunately everything is changing, because I don’t know how many clients will be able to continue to cooperate with me due to the stoppage of the usual payment services.

Before the start of the war, I added many different articles to the site, Chinese pyrotechnic compositions, basic information about spherical shells and other useful materials. All this can be viewed by clicking on the link Pyrotechnic wikipedia .

Thanks for understanding!

Paper Nesting shells 2-8" (Fast making)
Сanister shell 2-8"
UFO frame 4"
Brass Crossette Pump
Brass Star pump (Cheap version)
Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm
Wooden stick (stabilizer) for rockets
Plastic parts for folding rocket stabilizers
Crossette Pump Head (3, 5, 6 parts)
Brass Star pump
Castoreum (Beaver Glands)
Plastic wads
Plastic passfire tubes
UFO frame 4,5"