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New Year launches and product updates.

New Year launches and product updates.

Here are my launches for New year 2022. Rockets with 3" and 4" nesting shells

Rockets 10mm, Butterflies and Helicopters
New products
Rocket tool
Rocket tools for rockets with Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm
Rocket tool for rockets allow you to conveniently make several types of rockets: Whistling and BP.

Tool for drilling holes in beetles, butterflies and helicopters
This tool allows you to drill holes offset from the center of the tube.
This tool will be needed in products where it is necessary to achieve rotation of the body, due to the displaced hole, the pyrotechnic element is spinning.
Hole diameter 2.5mm. Lift height of drilling from 3 to 8mm (from the edge of the sleeve to the edge of the drill)

Extender funnel for Plastic rocket cases
Extender funnel for Plastic rocket cases is used for fast fuel filling into rocket cases.
This funnel does not need to be removed after each pressing, the punch passes through this funnel when pressing.
The funnels greatly accelerate the filling of fuel into plastic cases.

Stencil for making butterfly wings
Stencil for making butterfly wings.
The stencil is used to cut wings for butterflies. The stencil allows you to easily and evenly trace the blank of the wings on the cardboard with a pencil. The wings are then cut with scissors.

The stencil material is fiberglass.

Paper cones are used for fountains.
The composition of the fountain is not pressed into cones, but filled up and compacted by vibration.

Cardboard 0,5mm.
Thickness: 0,5mm (+-0,05mm)
Size of sheet: 55x100cm

Density: 590g/m^2
Weight of one sheet: 320g
Cardboard is great for making butterfly wings, bends well and is glued with hot glue.

Tool for making butterflies, helicopters and beetles
Tool for making butterflies, helicopters and beetles.
The tool consists of two stainless steel punches. One conical punch for making a conical clay plug.
The second punch is used to press in the fuel.

Polyisobutylene (Binder)
Polyisobutylene (Butyl rubber)
High molecular weight polyisobutylene is an elastic rubbery product.
Polyisobutylene is used in pyrotechnics as a good binder in rocket fuels.

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