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Update of goods (June)

Update of goods (June)
New items:
Paper Nesting shells 2-8" (Fast making)

New sizes: 2.5", 4", 5", 6", 8"
Paper Nesting shells in pyrotechnics are used for the manufacture of display ball shells.
Unlike Paper Hemi-shell, assembling with Nesting shells allows you to get rid of the strengthening of shell with craft paper. After connecting two hemispheres, two more hemispheres must be applied to them (having previously glued (Time fuse Glue is recommended) and cut out a semicircular hole for time fuse from each half of the outer sphere) with overlapping seams as shown in the photo.

Paper lifting cups 2-12".
It's used to fix the lift powder on the shell.
New sizes: 2.5", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"
The material of the cups is two-layer kraft paper.
Outer layer kraft paper - 70 g/m^2.
Inner layer kraft paper - 0,5mm (~320 g/m^2)

Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm

New sizes: 10,2*13,7*57mm, 14*18*75,5mm, 16*21*80mm, 22,2*29*110mm.

Plastic rockets cases are used to make rockets.
Cases are made of durable polymer (polyethylene) specifically for rockets.

Cases have ring shoulders for reliable fixation of fuel, which also prevent the breakdown at starts.
Rockets tool is under development and being tested.
On one side of the plastic body, there is a narrowing that keeps the rocket nozzle from knocking out.

Crossette Pump Head
The сrossette head is suitable for replacing a broken one.
You can also use the head to create your own crossette pump.


Material - Brass
Number of blades - 4 pcs.
Head mount (thread size) - M6
Thread length - 12-15 mm
Available sizes for pumps: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 23mm, 26mm, 32mm.

Paper Nesting shells 2-8" (Fast making)
Сanister shell 2-8"
UFO frame 4"
Brass Crossette Pump
Brass Star pump (Cheap version)
Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm
Wooden stick (stabilizer) for rockets
Plastic parts for folding rocket stabilizers
Crossette Pump Head (3, 5, 6 parts)
Brass Star pump
Castoreum (Beaver Glands)
Plastic wads
Plastic passfire tubes
UFO frame 4,5"