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Update of goods (May)

Update of goods (May)

New items:
Brass Star pump
Stars diameter - 10-45mm
You can also pre-order any size in 1mm increments.
Star pump
 is used for pressing cylindrical pyrotechnic stars.
Cylindrical stars can be used as filler for ball shells, cylinders, and also used for single shots.
When pressing, a hammer is usually used.

Awl (Wooden handle)

Working part material - hardened steel
Handle material - wood
Working part diameter - 2.5mm
Working part length - 52mm
Handle length - 70mm
In pyrotechnics, an awl is used to сommutation firework cakes with a visco fuse. It is an indispensable tool for pyrotechnician.
The working part of the hardened steel makes the awl strong and durable.

Fuel dispenser for Whistling saturn missile tubes 17mm, 21mm and 23,7mm
 Whistle fuel dispenser is used for quick and uniform filling of whistle bodies with subsequent pressing. In the closed state, the dispenser is filled with fuel, then it is installed on a block of bodies. After shifting the top plate, the fuel is poured into the whistle cases.
Base material - polymer
Top plate material - foamed PVC
Dispenser size - 120/120/43mm 130/130/43mm and 155/125/43mm
Fuel filling height - 28 mm.
Diameter of filling holes - 9,5, 11,5 and 12,5mm.

Сovers for roman candles
Sizes: 0.8", 1", 1,2" and 1,5"
Roman candle covers are used to safely transport of Roman candles.
After making a Roman candle, the covers need be put on top, where the wick is located.
There are 3 tabs on the inside of the lid for a secure fit on the Roman candle paper tube.
The lids can also be used to cover single shots.

Plastic plug for single shot, roman candle & firecrackers

Plastic plugs are used in Roman candles, single shots and firecrackers.
The plug is inserted inside the tube and attached with glue or staples for a secure fit in the tube.
Unlike wooden plugs, plastic plugs are moisture resistant and more convenient when installed in the tube.
Plastic plug size:
Outside diameter (for installation in a tube) - 22.8mm
Max. outer diameter - 25 mm
Inner diameter 20,3 mm
Height - 15,1 mm

Time fuse rubber covers
Time fuse rubber covers are used to close the time fuse before pasting shells with paper.
The caps fit tightly over the time fuse. After assembling the shell, the time fuse need to be closed with cover.
Then you can conveniently pasting shell without fear of staining the time fu

Material - rubber
Length - 18 mm
Inner diameter - 6 mm
Outside diameter - 7.6 mm
Wall thickness - 1.3 mm

Сorundum balls
Corundum has a very high hardness and a low wear rate.
They are suitable for mixing and joint grinding of compositions, because they do not spark, unlike steel balls.
Balls with a diameter of 20mm are suitable for ball mills from 3 liters, 25mm - from 5 liters
Material - Corundum (aluminum oxide Al2O3)
Bulk density - 2 kg/L
Ball weight 20mm - 17g.
Ball weight 25mm - 32g.

Receipt of goods:
Brass Crossette Pump
Crossette Pump 18mm, 23mm, 26mm -  In Stock
The Crossette Pump is used to make cylindrical stars that split in flight - "crossettеs".
Crossettes can be used as filler for balls, cylinders, as well as separately shot from tubes, like comets.

Paper Hemi-shell
New size - 10". 1,75" In Stock
Paper hemi-shells are used to make display shells different sizes.

Paper Nesting shells 2-8" (Fast making)
Сanister shell 2-8"
UFO frame 4"
Brass Crossette Pump
Brass Star pump (Cheap version)
Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm
Wooden stick (stabilizer) for rockets
Plastic parts for folding rocket stabilizers
Crossette Pump Head (3, 5, 6 parts)
Brass Star pump
Castoreum (Beaver Glands)
Plastic wads
Plastic passfire tubes
UFO frame 4,5"