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Update of goods. (February)

Update of goods. (February)

Time fuse Glue
The original time-fuse glue is used to fix time-fuses and passfire in display ball shells, display cylinder shells and other products where a reliable fixation of the fuse is required. It is recommended to use in conjunction with a bundle of fine threads (for better fixation).
The adhesive is also great for gluing paper, plastic, rubber and other materials.
Color - yellow-brown.
Minimum preparation time for work (one-component glue).
Full solldification time - 2-18 hours, depending on the layer thickness.
Solldification without pore formation and shrinkage.
Frost resistance of glued joint.
It dissolves in many solvents without loss of properties after drying: ethyl acetate, gasoline, kerosene, P5 solvent, degreaser and others.
Thick glue (similar in consistency to sealant).

Super nesting shell 42mm (3 layers)

Set of shells for the manufacture of sphere products 42mm using the nesting method (3 layers) (Quick assembly)
This assembly allows you to quickly assemble 1,75" display shells, titanium firecrackers or firecrackers. The outer plastic sphere snaps tightly into the lock. It allows you to make of the product factory look.

During assembly it is necessary to coat each layer with glue.
The outer diameter of the assembly is 42mm.
The kit consists of 2 or 3 layers of spheres.
The 2-layer kit includes a cardboard inner sphere and a plastic outer sphere.
The 3-layer kit includes two cardboard inner spheres and a plastic outer sphere.

Paper lifting cups

It's used to fix the lift powder on the shell.
The material of the cups is two-layer kraft paper.
Outer layer kraft paper - 70 g/m^2.
Inner layer kraft paper - 160 g/m^2.
Available sizes: 2,3 and 4"

Plastic plugs for firecrackers and reports
8,3mm/10,5 mm/12 mm (Inner diameter / Outer diameter / Length)
Plastic plugs are used to quickly make small firecrackers using Tube for time fuse, as well as for making reports.
1set - 100pcs - 2,7 USD (0,027USD/pcs) 
To make firecrackers you need to: 1) Install one plug with a visco fuse on one side of the tube (after making a hole in the plastic cap for visco fuse), or glue into the 6mm Time Fuse on it. 2) Pour the flash compound into the tube and glue the bottom plug.

To make reports you need to: 1) Glue 6mm Time Fuse into the tube. 2) Fill up the flash composition for reports and glue the plug on the back.

Spray bottle (250ml)
Tank diameter - 47mm
Tank height - 180mm (threaded)
Overall height - 230mm
Thanks to the lever system, the lever can be pulled with one finger. It minimizes contamination of the spray head when working with the sprayer. 
A spray bottle is used for rolling of stars, as well as moisturizing the formulations.
Excellent for rolling stars up to 5mm because it has a very fine atomization fraction and a relatively low flow rate with a single press.

The total length - 170 mm
Working part width - 55 mm
Scoop height - 35 mm
Volume ~100 ml
Scoop material - plastic

The scoop allows reagents to be removed from the container in which they are stored. The scoop also helps when rolling stars to add composition or set aside stars for sorting. It is a more convenient attribute than measuring spoons, due to its larger volume, this allows you to pour more reagents at a time.

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