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Big update of goods!

Big update of goods.

New items:
Paper nesting shells (Fast making)

Paper Nesting shells in pyrotechnics are used for the manufacture of display ball shells. 
Unlike Paper Hemi-shell, assembling with Nesting shells allows you to get rid of the strengthening of shell with craft paper. After connecting two hemispheres, two more hemispheres must be applied to them (having previously glued and cut out a semicircular hole for time fuse from each half of the outer sphere) with overlapping seams as shown in the photo.

Single shot stub 1,2 1,5 and 2"

Single shot stub is a indispensable part for making single shots.
To fix the plug in the paper tube, coat the plug with glue, insert it into the tube and fix it with a stapler from 4 sides.
With these stub, the single shot is ignited from below through the plug, thereby facilitating for production single shots.
Each stub comes with a transport cover, which is used during transportation, and also fixes the EI (Electric igniter) after installation, preventing it from falling out.

Plastic shell (Ball)

Plastic spheres consist of 2 halves.
The halves are connected into a sphere with a snap (without glue).

Whistling saturn missile tubes 21 mm
Whistling saturn missile tubes 23,7 mm
Plastic cases for making whistles have ring shoulder on the inner surface forfixing fuel. 
It has a bottom that acts as a stub.

All that is needed for the manufacture of whistles is to fill the tube with whistling fuel into the body and press it into the tubes, and for some whistling compositions it is necessary to apply a prime. 

Brass Crossette Pump

Material - Brass
Punch length (without cross) - 110mm
Matrix (tube) length - 70mm
Number of blades (parts) - 4 blades
Limiter - removable
Possible diameters - 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 23mm, 26mm, 32mm


Working part material - hardened steel

Handle material - plastic
Working part diameter - 2.5mm
Working part length - 52mm
Handle length - 70mm
Handle diameter - 20mm
Maximum handle diameter - 27mm

Wooden stick (stabilizer) for rockets
Sizes: 5*5*450mm, 8*8*800mm, 10*10*1000mm, 12*12*1250mm
The stabilizers are made from specially selected wood species without knots. 
It have good rigidity and are lightweight, which has a good effect on stabilizing properties. 
The stabilizers have a square section, which allows them to be conveniently attached to the rocket engine.

Professional grinder 800g

Professional grinder is used for quick preparation of large quantities of the composition.
Voltage - 220 V
Tank load - 800g
Power - 1400 W
Material - stainless steel
Maximum tilt angle - 270 °
Control - Mechanical timer

Spray bottle (100ml)
Tank diameter - 40mm
Tank height - 110mm (threaded)
Overall height - 140mm
The volume of the container is 100ml
Container material - Aluminum
Spray head mounting - thread
Spray Adjustment - No

The outer diameter is 31 mm. (excluding the holder)
The outer diameter of the spout - 6.3 mm.
The inner diameter of the spout - 4.8 mm.
The length of the spout - 19 mm.
Height - 38.5 mm.
1 set - 2 pcs

Paper Nesting shells 2-8" (Fast making)
Сanister shell 2-8"
UFO frame 4"
Brass Crossette Pump
Brass Star pump
Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm
Wooden stick (stabilizer) for rockets
Plastic wads
Plastic passfire tubes
UFO frame 4,5"
UFO frame 8"
Base for launching UFO
UFO frame 10" (8 engines)