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Paper cones are used for fountains.
The composition of the fountain is not pressed into cones, but filled up and compacted by vibration.
The composition must be selected with a sufficiently high burning rate, because after 1 minute of burning, the nozzle burns out and greatly increases in diameter, which reduces the spark. Cone fountains give great powerful spark force and are easy to manufacture.



Nozzle diameter

Base outer diameter

Wall thickness at nozzle

Wall thickness at the base

Price per pcs


96 mm

7,3 mm

52 mm

3,3 mm

3,3 mm

0,33 USD


123 mm

8 mm

56,5 mm

3,5 mm

3,3 mm

0,52 USD


148 mm

8,8 mm

62,5 mm

3,6 mm

3,5 mm

0,67 USD


193 mm

9,7 mm

79,5 mm

3,8 mm

3,6 mm

1,2 USD


225 mm

10 mm

83 mm

5,2 mm

4,2 mm

1,75 USD


275 mm

10 mm

97 mm

6,6 mm

4,2 mm

2,25 USD

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