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Rocket tools for rockets with Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm
Rocket tool for rockets allow you to conveniently make several types of rockets: Whistling and BP.

The Whistling rocket tool contains: a base, one pin, two punches, a handle and a key to quickly remove the pin.
The BP rocket tool contains: a base, one pin, two punches, a centering sleeve, a handle and a hex key for quick removal of the stud.
The Whistling + BP rocket tool contains: a base, two pins, two punches, a centering sleeve, a handle and a hex key for quick stud removal.
Base material - anodized duralumin.
The material of punches, pins and handles - stainless steel.
Centering sleeve material: outer part - anodized duralumin, inner part - polypropylene and polyacetal.

A centering sleeve is used in the manufacture of BP rockets.
This allows the nozzle to be pressed without trimming the rolling and without offsetting the distance for centering on the inside.

Each tool comes with a hex wrench, which makes it easy to remove and replace the studs as needed.
* Whistling rockets assume the use of a 70/30 (KClO4/Sodium Benzoate) type composition or analogues.
* BP rockets assume the use of a 60/30/10 (KNO3/C/S) type composition or analogues.
To make whistling rockets, it is necessary to cut or reamed the flange in order to install the plastic body on the base without using a centering sleeve, so the whistle from the rocket will be louder due to the void on the side of the pin.
The compositions that I recommend using:
BP type:
68 - KNO3
22 - C
10 - S
10 - KClO4
1.5 - Polyisobutylene
1.5 - DBP (Dibutyl phthalate)

Whistling type:
75 - KClO4
25 - Sodium salicylate
1 - Fe2O3
1 - Polyisobutylene
1 - DBP (Dibutyl phthalate)

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