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TON Coin payment via Telegram

TON Coin payment via Telegram.
This payment method is the simplest, because apart from registering in the telegram (if you are not registered) and passing verification once before paying, you do not need anything. Then you just buy cryptocurrency directly by bank card in the bot and send it via chat with me. I receive your payment instantly and there is no commission.

This payment method does not work in the US. By giving permission to your phone number, the bot will tell you whether this payment works in your country
Step 1.
You must be registered in telegram, this can be done by downloading the Telegram application in the AppStore or Google Play and go through a simple registration.
Step 2.
Contact me (@PyroComponent) on telegram so that you have a dialogue with me and you can ask questions if necessary, as well as to send payment directly through the chat.
Step 3.
Enter @wallet in the search bar and open a chat with the bot.
Then follow the instructions below. The bot will also ask you for permission to access your phone number, this must be provided.

Having entered the bot, you need to enter the /menu command or manage the commands through the "Menu" button at the bottom left.
Then you click on the "Add to Attachment Menu" command, this will allow you to make a payment directly in the dialogue with me.

Then click on the button "My Wallet" to replenish funds.