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Time fuse glue.
• Color - yellow-brown.
• Minimum preparation time for work (one-component glue).
• Full solldification time - 2-18 hours, depending on the layer thickness.
• It's sufficiently elastic after drying and makes it possible to smooth out the shock loads from the lift powder when starting the product, and also the lift powder does not penetrate the time-fuse into the product.
• Solldification without pore formation and shrinkage.
• Frost resistance of glued joint.
• It dissolves in many solvents without loss of properties after drying: ethyl acetate, kerosene, degreaser and others.

• Thick glue (similar in consistency to sealant).


Weight of glue



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Plastic bottle with dispenser spout

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Tin can

The original time-fuse glue is used to fix time-fuses and passfire in display ball shells, display cylinder shells and other products where a reliable fixation of the fuse is required. It is recommended to use in conjunction with a bundle of fine threads (for better fixation).
The adhesive is also great for gluing paper, plastic, rubber and other materials.

Features - specific smell, it is recommended to use outdoors or in a ventilated area.
If there is a little glue residue in the plastic bottle - it is recommended to store it upside down for quick use of the glue after storage. (Due to the density, the glue flows over the bottle for a long time.)
The tin can contains two plastic packages (for ease of use when there is little glue left).
Video of the use of this glue in the factory:

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