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Turning and Milling works

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Turning and Milling works.
You can make an individual order for turning and milling work.

To do this, you need to make a drawing or a sketch on a piece of paper with dimensions and send it to me by contacting me in a convenient way.
It is also important to explain where this part or tool will be used, what accuracy should be in the manufacture and all possible features to make the part as accurate as possible. For example, if this is a nozzle for a press, then the main diameter will be the fitting diameter in the mount and also the tip. You must specify dimensions to within 0.01mm (0.004") and tolerances for the part, otherwise the manufacturing accuracy will be lower.
Possible materials for the manufacture of parts:
Stainless steel
Other material as agreed.
It is possible to anodize aluminum parts with further painting in black.

Depending on the size of the part, an additional purchase of material may be required, which may take about a week, because not all diameters of materials are in my warehouse.

Order procedure:

1) The client sends a drawing with explanations and preferably with the accuracy of manufacturing the part, as well as with the desired material or an explanation of the work of this part or tool.
It is also necessary to indicate the country in which you are located to check if delivery works to your country.

2) I send my comment on this detail, if necessary, ask questions. I indicate the approximate production time (it will depend on whether there is material on my warehouse) and also indicate the cost of delivery to your country.

3) If the client agrees with the price - he pays part or the full cost.

4) I make your detail and send the final photo.

5) The client pays the rest of the amount (if he did not pay in full for the order in point 3)

6) The part is sent to the buyer.

If I have the right material in my warehouse, the production time will be from 1 to 3 days.
The cost is agreed upon for each order individually.

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