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Plastic parts for folding rocket stabilizers

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Plastic parts for folding rocket stabilizers

The size of the hole for the stabilizers is a square landing hole of 12,5x12,5 mm.

The other size of the parts where the stick is installed - 15,5x15,5 mm.
Unfolded length - 19cm.
The length of two parts folded - 6cm and 12cm.
Depths for installing sticks - 
 4,5cm and 10cm.
Length of the sliding part - 10cm.
External size of the sliding part - 19x19mm.

It is possible to use smaller stick sizes using stick gluing on hot glue, it can also be used with large sticks by making a small groove for the landing size of 12x12mm.
After unfolding the plastic part and fixing with a sliding element, the stabilizer can't be folded more, because the sliding element is fixed on latches to ensure reliable fixation of the stabilizer in flight.

The folding part for the rocket stabilizers reduces the storage space for the rocket. Thanks to this plastic element, the long stabilizer of the rocket can be folded in half. All you need to make a folding stabilizer is to cut the wooden stick (stabilizer) into two parts and insert two wooden sticks inside the plastic element with glue and fix it across with a small nail.

1 pcs - 1,2 USD
10 pcs - 10 USD (1 USD/pcs)
50 pcs - 45 USD (0,9 USD/pcs)
100 pcs - 80 USD (0,8 USD/pcs)

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