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Whistling saturn missile tubes 17mm

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Whistling saturn missile tubes 17mm
Plastic cases for making whistles have ring shoulder on the inner surface for fixing fuel. 
It has a bottom that acts as a stub.

Price per block 44 pcs.
Sizes for Whistling saturn missile tubes:



Wall  thickness


Price for pcs

Quantity in the block

Price per block


10,7 mm

8,6 mm

1,05 mm

35 mm

0,05 USD

91 pcs

4,55 USD

Whistling missile, reports

17 mm

14,5 mm

1,25 mm


0,10 USD

44 pcs

4,40 USD

Whistling missile for 0,8” battery

21 mm


1,3 mm


0,15 USD

19 pcs

2,85 USD

Whistling missile for 1” battery

23,7 mm


1,6 mm


0,21 USD

19 pcs

3,99 USD

Whistling missile for 1,2” battery

All that is needed for the manufacture of whistles is to fill the tube with whistling fuel into the body and press it into the tubes, and for some whistling compositions it is necessary to apply a prime. For a long-term effect, it is necessary to fill the full sleeve with a friable composition, and after pressing the fuel, the body should be about half full.

An example of the simplest whistling fuel:
70 - Potassium perchlorate
30 - Sodium benzoate
5 - Ti
1 - Fe2O3

Tool for pressing fuel into whistling saturn missile tubes
Video of the whistling saturn missile
 using the example of 0,8" and 1,2" batteries:

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