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Spherical display shells, basic information

The table below shows data for spherical shells. These data will help in the manufacture of shells.
You will be able to understand how many of which components are needed for a particular shell, as well as the time of the time fuse and other characteristics.

• Max lifting height and Break diameter is very dependent on the amount of lift powder in the breaking powder, so this data is very approximate. And also these values can vary depending on the desired effect.
• Shell flight time is a fairly accurate value. The time from the start of the shell to reaching the apogee point practically does not change from the amount of  lift powder, so these data can be used, and, if necessary, adjustments can be made in further launches.
• Stars weight is very dependent on the composition, for example, brocade crown stars are almost twice as light as colored stars, so the final weight of stars may differ from these values, take this into account when making stars.
• "  " Means I don't have data, if you have data for this shells from your experience - write to me, I will supplement this table, thus you will help other pyrotechnics in the future by collecting material together.

Paper Nesting shells 2-8" (Fast making)
Сanister shell 2-8"
UFO frame 4"
Brass Crossette Pump
Brass Star pump (Cheap version)
Plastic rockets cases 10-22mm
Wooden stick (stabilizer) for rockets
Plastic parts for folding rocket stabilizers
Crossette Pump Head (3, 5, 6 parts)
Brass Star pump
Castoreum (Beaver Glands)
Plastic wads
Plastic passfire tubes
UFO frame 4,5"